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Customized price for chassis sheet metal processing
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Customized price for chassis sheet metal processing

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Sheet metal chassis processing is a commonly used product in power equipment, such as distribution boxes, low-voltage distribution cabinets, busbar cabinets, high-voltage distribution cabinets, etc. The sheet metal processing technology includes traditional methods and process parameters such as cutting, punching, bending and forming, as well as various cold stamping mold structures and process parameters, various equipment working principles and control methods, as well as new stamping technologies and processes. The entire manufacturing process is relatively complex. So how is the cost of sheet metal chassis processing calculated?

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The cost of sheet metal chassis processing can be considered in the following six aspects:

1. Transportation cost: The cost of transportation is allocated to the product.

2. Management expenses include factory rent, water and electricity, as well as financial expenses.

3. Material cost: Net material cost for drawing requirements=size x density x unit price+batch defect rate loss

4. The cost of standard parts and accessories: refers to the cost of standard parts required by the drawings

5. The sheet metal chassis processing cost of the program refers to the production cost required for each program of the produced equipment.

6. Packaging fee: Depending on the different products and packaging requirements, the cost will also vary

7. Profit: Considering the long-term development of the enterprise and better serving consumers

The above is just a brief description of the concept. For detailed methods, please refer to the introduction in the following column:

The price of sheet metal chassis is generally the sum of material costs, processing costs, and surface treatment costs. For similar chassis with simple structures, the processing price can be estimated based on different areas. The specific sheet metal processing manufacturers are different. You can consult the sheet metal factory for a quotation and estimate the price based on the area.