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Focused on CNC machining parts, metal stamping parts, and sheet metal processing and manufacturing for over 16 years
Germany and Japan's high-precision production and testing equipment ensure that the precision of metal parts reaches 0.003 tolerance and high quality
One stop professional service, saving you time, effort, and worry
Four major advantages
Complete processing equipment, customized according to drawings and samples, one-stop service, helping you save money and worry
Professional metal processing manufacturer
Shenzhen Aima Technology Co., Ltd
Professional services that save you time, effort, and worry
Price discount
After sales guarantee
CNC machining
26 CNC machining equipment, 6 4-axis CNC machines, and 8 CNC machines with tool libraries, with a maximum stroke of 1300mm. The personnel are stable, with nearly 100 employees in the company, and 90% of employees with more than 5 years of experience.
Metal stamping
18 precision punching machines, well-established management system standards, lean production management processes, online integrated production, computer simulation of production processes, with error reporting devices to ensure product accuracy.
Sheet metal processing
Provide non-standard customized precision sheet metal processing, and provide customized services such as CNC punching, bending, cutting, and welding for various cold-rolled sheets, stainless steel sheets, and aluminum alloy sheets;
Technical expertise and excellent equipment
We have an engineering team with over 10 years of industry experience, excellent technology, advanced production and inspection equipment, providing strong support for complex and high-precision product production processes.
About Us
Shenzhen Aima Technology Co., Ltd
We are one of the leading professional manufacturers of precision metal parts in China, established in 2006, mainly undertaking business such as CNC machining parts, metal stamping parts, sheet metal processing, etc.We use engineering software such a...